• a mouthful of pure decadence..

    ..made with 100% natural ingredients


    raw, plant-based

    dairy, refined sugar and gluten-free

    all products are handmade with high-quality

    wholefoods, organic wherever possible


    ~ fully compostable packaging is used, and sustainable practices are followed ~



    organic salted caramel 'rawreo'

    £3 each - or - 2 for £5


    layers of smooth salted date caramel and rich raw chocolate, between two soft oat and almond biscuits, topped with a raw chocolate drizzle, crunchy raw cacao nibs and sea salt flakes


    lovingly made with

    almonds, dates, gluten-free oats, coconut flakes, raw cacao powder, peanut butter, coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut nectar, ground cinnamon, cacao nibs, sea salt


    organic bliss balls

    £1.80 each

    deliciously fudgey, yet deceivingly healthy little nutritional powerhouses

    packed full of protein and easy to transport - perfect as an after-exercise energy boost, or a mid-morning pick me up


    available in various flavours:

    'sweet love' ginger and cranberry

    'butterscotch' maca and tahini

    'deep green sea' spirulina and chia seed

    'sunny day' apricot and cashew

    'tangerine' orange and cinnamon

    'mellow yellow' lemon and turmeric


    lovingly made with

    dates, raw nuts, gluten free oats, nut butter, coconut oil, sacha inchi powder - plus various flavourings

    organic bliss bars

    £1.50 each

    soft oaty superfood flapjack bites, packed with nutrition! both flavours contain maca powder, chia seeds and plenty of healthy protein


    'sweet love' cranberry and ginger


    'sunny day' apricot and cashew


    lovingly made with

    gluten-free oats, almonds or cashews, dates, peanut butter or tahini, chia seeds, cranberries or apricots, cinnamon, raw cacao powder, coconut oil, coconut nectar, dehydrated strawberries

    raw chocolate orange OR almond ganache torte

    £3 a slice - or - 2 for £5


    a crumbly biscuit base, and a thick layer of orange or almond flavoured raw date and cacao ganache, topped with fresh orange zest or almond flakes, a cinnamon crumble and raw cacao nibs


    lovingly made with

    gluten-free oats*, almonds, dates, raw cacao powder*, peanut butter, cacao butter*, coconut oil*, coconut nectar*, cacao nibs*, vanilla essence, cinnamon, orange or french almond essence, orange zest

    *certified organic


    peanut butter brownie

    £3 each - or - 2 for £5


    a layer of moreish peanut butter atop a fudgey oat, almond and cacao base, topped with silky raw chocolate


    lovingly made with

    gluten-free oats*, almonds, dates, raw cacao powder*, peanut butter, coconut oil*, coconut nectar*, coconut milk*

    *certified organic


    organic apple thins


    handmade, artisan, organic

    light, elegant fruit snacks, excellent at your desk or whilst travelling


    100% homegrown somerset apples

    no preservatives or additives

    150 metres from tree to bag

    english heritage varieties


    compostable bag, each 10g

    all sweet treats (plus larger cakes and bespoke items) are available for order - local delivery is available for a small charge


    nut-free items are available upon request


    unique event platters with gorgeous tree stand also available


    please contact me using the form below, at calmandkind@hotmail.com, or on 07377698464

    you can find us at:


    LOAF bakehouse, market street courtyard, wells


    matter wholefoods, easton, bristol


    chi foods, chapel court, bristol


    harvest wholefoods, gloucester road, bristol


    frome vegan market, the cheese and grain, first saturday of each month


    tobacco factory sunday market, bristol, on select dates only


    bridport vegan market, 3rd saturday of each month


    plus various other events...check social media for upcoming!

  • home delivery

    order your favourite sweet treats to your door

    boxes are sent out on tuesday each week

    (first tuesday of the month for subscriptions)

    order before 6pm each monday

  • taking a mindful, peaceful approach to life

    I offer one to one yoga sessions for individuals who would like to deepen their practice with personal guidance, deal with particular physical or emotional issues, or simply prefer private to group sessions

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  • ab​out me

    food and me

    I have always been a keen believer that what you eat is important. food is nutrition for your body and soul. your diet is a personal choice - it is what works for you and makes you happy. however, I strongly believe in a few basic principles: having a connection with your food (knowing and respecting where it comes from), being kind to your body (giving yourself the nutrition you need to be healthy), and valuing variation and quality.


    overall, I believe in living consciously, kindly, calmly.


    yoga and me

    I recently spent a month at the wonderful Nepal Yoga Home, in Kathmandu, completing my Yoga Teacher Training certification, in Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyassa traditions. the training deepened my knowledge and experience as a teacher, as well as allowing me to further my own personal practice with new clarity and focus.

    yoga is open to interpretation, and definitions can differ. to me, yoga is the connection of mind, body and soul, or head, heart and hand, an introspective journey in which we travel towards peace of mind. we achieve this through the various tools of yoga - asana (our physical postures), mantra, mudra, bandha, pranayama (including breath and energy), and meditation.

    I personally enjoy practicing asanas (sometimes restorative and gentle, sometimes dynamic and flowing) combined with pranayama and meditation. whatever I practice or teach, it is done with kindness to the body and mind. I try to bring mindfulness and consciousness of breath gently into my daily life.


    I find many benefits within this practice - strengthening and toning of muscles, opening and releasing of joints, and calming of mind.


    I currently run classes near my home in Somerset, and offer private sessions with individuals, which I believe allows the practitioner a unique form of support and guidance to meet their personal goals.

    please get in touch for any more information, or just to say hello.

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