• free-from gluten, refined sugar and anything artificial

    100% natural wholefoods

    ~ raw cake workshops ~

    ~ simple plant-based cooking workshops ~

    both also available as private group or one-on-one sessions


    ~ plant-based, delicious catering ~

    for retreats, private events, parties and more


    ~ bespoke raw cakes ~

    cakes and sweet treats delivered to your door

    please contact me for a price list


    ~ holistic health and well-being coaching ~

    one-on-one diet and nutrition advice and guidance, plant-based recipes,

    cooking sessions, meal planning, yoga and meditation


    ~ yoga and meditation ~

    one-on-one or group yoga sessions, for all ages and abilities

  • ~• what people say •~

    Private Cheffing

    “Bex of calm and kind prepared a three course formal supper for us the night before my sister’s wedding. As a family of eight hungry vegans, we couldn’t have made a better choice. The food was absolutely delicious and presented like works of art. In particular, we all appreciated Bex’s commitment to minimising sugar, salt and oil - something she knew we wanted and meant we all started a very special weekend feeling nourished and happy. Bex also made the wedding favours for all sixty guests - beautiful bliss balls presented in compostable biodegradable little bags with rustic twine. Perfect.” - Jenna

    Raw Cake Workshop

    "Today I ventured out of the house and took myself off to a 'Raw Food' workshop. I have lots of mobility problems and am often housebound, so for me this was something of an adventure.

    Honestly, I could not have been made more welcome by a fantastic tutor and a really kind group. Together we shared the pleasure of making something new to us and absolutely healthy and delicious.

    I thoroughly recommend this, as it is suitable for all ages and abilities and a very useful skill for the coming schools holidays.

    I am hoping that there will be more workshops of this kind. We were given a wealth of information on where to source ingredients cheaply, how to store things and calculate calorific contents, packaging and pricing for those considering this as a business option.

    Tea and companionship thrown in, it was a really splendid day out." - Christine

  • ~• workshops •~

    interested in a plant-based diet? want to make healthy, nutritious sweets and desserts?

    come along to a group workshop in an easy, relaxed setting

    contact me for workshop requests - private and home sessions are available

    ~• raw cakes •~

    1.5 hours - £20 per person

    raw cake and sweet treat making - the taster session

    we will discuss the nutritional value and ethics of common ingredients,

    different methods for raw cake making, and general principles.

    together we will make a large cake and the perfect bliss balls.

    you will go home with a little box of treats, and a recipe and information booklet


    2.5 hours - £35 per person

    raw cake and sweet treat making - the full session

    we will discuss the nutritional value and ethics of common ingredients,

    different methods for raw cake making, and general principles.

    together we will make large cakes, smaller slices and sweet treats, and the perfect bliss balls.

    you will go home with a little box of treats, and a recipe and information booklet


    3 hours - £45 per person

    raw cake and sweet treat making - with brunch

    same session as above, but with a delicious plant-based brunch to share

    ~• plant-based cooking •~

    2.5 hours - £35 per person

    simple plant-based cooking

    an open conversation about the benefits of a plant-based diet, an overview of nutrition, and how to ensure you are getting everything you need from your food.

    breakdown of common ingredients and cooking principles.

    tips for low-cost, low-waste, quick and easy vegan cooking.

    we will make together basic vegan staples, incl. cheesy sauces and vegan mayo, and learn about recreating old favourites.

    there will be snacking and tasting throughout, and some delicious treats to take home, plus a recipe and information booklet


    3 hours - £45 per person

    simple plant-based cooking - with brunch

    same session as above, but with a delicious plant-based brunch to share


    organic herbal teas are served at all workshops

    all food items are coeliac-friendly and vegan

    NOT suitable for nut allergies (please enquire about bespoke nut-free sessions)

    ~• upcoming workshops •~

    to book please email, or use the form at the bottom of this page


  • ~• holistic health and well-being coaching •~

    one-on-one, personal, tailored guidance for a healthier lifestyle

    who can benefit

    those who feel they would like a healthier diet or lifestyle, but don't know how to achieve it alone.

    those who think they don't have the time to lead a healthier lifestyle.

    those who would like to try plant-based cooking, but think it is expensive or time-consuming.

    those who want to regain (or develop) their love and passion for food, body and life! relish in simplicity, vibrancy, diversity, and connection.


    what to expect


    in our initial consultation, we will assess your health history, your current habits, diet and lifestyle, and your unique relationship to food. we will then establish what it is that you would like to achieve and grow towards.

    together we will work through nutritional theory, cooking techniques, recipes, and practical low-cost, low-waste, time-efficient meal-planning. every step is tailored to your individual needs, aims and desires.


    this is not about counting calories and weigh-ins - the emphasis will be on nutritious, varied and vibrant wholefoods, and building a strong, positive relationship with the food that you eat.

    how it works

    we will have regular consultations via skype, phone or in person, to check in, formulate plans and make adjustments. all material will be emailed to you.

    we will share cooking sessions and yoga tuition, either online or in person where possible.

    I am always available via email to answer any questions, or offer specific support and advice.


    we will work collaboratively, to create sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes that last


    this is a holistic process - we will explore what, when, how and why we eat, and the physical, biological and emotional effects. however, overall well-being is not solely influenced by food. we will also explore healthy lifestyle habits and stress-management, predominantly through guided yoga, meditation and pranayama.


    all sessions will be relaxed, open, supportive and non-judgemental. the aim of this process is to encourage and inspire you to find enjoyment and pleasure in how you eat, and to empower you to make healthier choices now and in the future.


    each 1 hour session is £30

    most clients choose either weekly or fortnightly sessions - this can be flexible to fit your schedule

    this cost includes unlimited email correspondence between sessions, all information sheets, yoga or exercise guidance, recipes and meal-planning that we develop together.


    you can either pay per session, or bulk-buy

    3 x 1 hour sessions £85

    6 x 1 hour sessions £170

    10 x 1 hour sessions £280


    yoga or cooking sessions

    one-on-one (via skype or in person)

    each 1 hour session is £25




    10 minute chat


    if you think you may be interested, but still have some questions, please get in touch.

    I am happy to answer anything over email, or we can organise a quick chat on the phone. just use the form at the bottom of this page

  • ~• yoga sessions •~

    taking a mindful, peaceful approach to life


    I offer one-on-one yoga sessions for individuals who would like to deepen their practice with personal guidance,

    deal with particular physical or emotional issues, or simply prefer private to group sessions


    home sessions available to most London areas


    please check my social media for upcoming group classes

  • ~• ab​out me •~

    food and me

    I have always been a keen believer that what you eat is important. food is nutrition for your body and soul.

    your diet is a personal choice - it is what works for you and makes you happy. however, I strongly believe in a few basic principles: having a connection with your food (knowing and respecting where it comes from), being kind to your body (giving yourself the nutrition you need to be healthy), and valuing variation and quality. I am studying Advanced Clinical Nutrition and Plant-Based Nutrition with the School of Natural Health Sciences. however most of my knowledge and skills are rooted in personal real-life experience


    overall, I believe in living consciously, kindly, calmly


    yoga and me

    I completed my Yoga Teacher Training certification, in Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyassa traditions, at the wonderful Nepal Yoga Home in Kathmandu.

    the training deepened my knowledge and experience as a teacher, as well as allowing me to further my own personal practice with new clarity and focus.

    yoga is open to interpretation, and definitions can differ. to me, yoga is the connection of mind, body and soul, or head, heart and hand; an introspective journey in which we travel towards peace of mind. we can achieve this through the various tools of yoga - asana (our physical postures), mantra, mudra, bandha, pranayama (including breath and energy), and meditation

    I personally enjoy practicing asanas (sometimes restorative and gentle, sometimes dynamic and flowing) combined with pranayama and meditation. whatever I practice or teach, it is done with kindness to the body and mind. I try to bring mindfulness and consciousness of breath gently into my daily life.

    I find many benefits within this practice - strengthening and toning of muscles, opening and releasing of joints, and calming of mind.

    I currently run classes near my home in Somerset, and offer private sessions with individuals, which I believe allows the practitioner a unique form of support and guidance to meet their personal goals

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